Complete turnkey projects

If a good designer leads the overhaul of your house, you’ll receive the full project in time. Complete turn-key projects in Kyiv by Liliya Sokolova are a guaranteed and qualitative realization of your dream about an ideal home, from planning to decoration. From alpha to omega.
Arkhitekturnoye proyektirovaniye

Architectural design

Every house begins from architectural projection. It means working on sketches of house, drawing the details of scheme and preparations of the necessary documents.
Dizayn inter'yerov

Interior design

We’ll create harmony around you. Liliya Sokolova’s studio is a team of creative people, who have subtle approach to every phase of origination of refined and elegant space. We create interior designs in Kyiv and all over the world. It’s a home you dreamed about. It’s an environment of your harmony.
Художественное оформление


Decoration is a finally phase of creation of harmonious and holistic interior. Precisely, decoration gives your home individuality, peculiarity and uniqueness.
Комплектация интерьеров

Interior complete set

Have you ever done renovation yourself? You ought to know, that to complete interior set is the hardest phase. There are a huge number of goods, and you have to choose all the materials, furniture and equipment, according to the project. That’s why you’ll be right if you order interior complete set. It will afford you to save your time, money and nerves.

Author’s supervision

For full realization of any designer’s project, the author supervises all the works. It’s a complex process, which means the controlling the works of all the construction commands, purchasing of the equipment and materials and solving different questions and problems.


Many people dream about private house, but they are afraid of all the volume of troubles, which are connected with construction and renovation. The turnkey construction by Liliya Sokolova’s studio solves all of them rapidly.


Engineering is a whole complex of home infrastructure, which provides its’ functioning. Liliya Sokolova’s studio provides high-qualitative and effective montage of all the engineering systems in your home.